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Rear View Auto Dimming Mirror

Rear View Auto Dimming Mirror

An auto dimming mirror can darken light reflecting from its surface and significantly minimize glare from the lights from trailing vehicles. It also allows you to keep your eyes on the road and reduce fatigue, allowing you to drive your car safely. Find the best auto dimming mirrors and other genuine OEM parts and accessories at SubaruPartsPros.

Drive Safely at Night Using an Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

Drivers get irritated by the glare caused by the light from cars behind them as they drive at night on a busy road. This glare causes the “Troxler Effect,” a phenomenon that delays driver response time by up to 1.4 seconds which increased the risk of road accidents. Car manufacturers utilize auto dimming mirrors in their vehicles to prevent these accidents from happening.

An auto dimming rear view mirror dims itself through a process called electrochromism which occurs when an ambient light sensor detects glare from the trailing vehicle's headlights. The auto dimming mirror combats glare that can induce the Troxler Effect by darkening itself. This type of car rear view mirror minimizes eyestrain and driver fatigue, improving an individual's visibility and overall safety while driving at night.

Buy Genuine OEM Auto Dimming Mirrors for Your Subaru

SubaruPartsPros offers authentic OEM auto dimming mirrors in two variants: rear view mirrors with an electronic compass and rear view mirrors with compass and Homelink capabilities. We also have kits that can help you install your auto dimming mirror inside your car.

SubaruPartsPros carries a wide range of genuine OEM accessories and car parts for various Subaru models. We offer various car accessories as well as performance and tune-up parts at affordable prices. Our products, including our auto dimming mirrors, are designed to fit both current and old Subaru vehicles. These items are also covered by a manufacturer's warranty, which ensures their overall authenticity. Browse the SubaruPartsPros catalog now and find the best parts for your vehicle.