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Oil Filter

Oil Filter

Clean motor oil results in a reliable engine and leads to better performance and fuel efficiency. Find premium-quality Subaru OEM oil filters at SubaruPartsPros and get the best performance from your ride. We carry a variety of oil filters for several Subaru Forester, BRZ, WRX, STI, Impreza, XV Crosstrek, Tribeca, Outback, and Legacy model years.

Keep Your Engine in Good Condition with OEM Oil Filters

Motor oil is used to lubricate a car's engine, which keeps it running smoothly and protects it from damage. When the oil is left unfiltered, sediments will build up and significantly affect the lubrication of internal combustion engines which can end up damaging the engine. Clean oil must flow continuously to all the critical engine parts, from the sump to the bearings supporting the crankshaft to get optimal performance from your vehicle.

An oil filter is located between the pump and the bottom rear end of the engine sump. Its primary purpose is to remove microscopic particles and deliver clean oil to the rest of the engine. The oil travels to critical engine parts, lubricating and keeping your engine cool with its detergent and anti-wear properties. It prevents friction among fast-moving metal parts and reduces harmful deposits in your engine.

Having clean engine oil assures you a safe and convenient drive. Drivers who perform proper and regular filtration practices are also rewarded with improved filtration efficiency, reduced maintenance and repair costs, and increased engine and car service life.

Shop for Genuine Oil Filters at SubaruPartsPros

Keep your engine at its best with genuine and high-performance OEM car oil filters from SubaruPartsPros. We have basic kits that include a Subaru oil filter with a gasket which is required at each oil change. Enjoy big savings when you order our cases of 12 Subaru OEM oil filters and drain plug gaskets. As a leading supplier of genuine Subaru parts, you can trust that you get the best fitment for your vehicle, be it a 2012 Outback or 2019 Forester. Explore our catalog today for your engine performance needs.